Cafe de la Presse

San Francisco | UNION SQUARE


Native Breton Café de la Presse General Manager Olivier Daridon is no stranger to the joie de vivre of café life. From the start of his career in a bistro through stints as General Manager in hotels on France’s West Coast to nearly a decade of running his own bar and restaurant, Mr. Daridon has shared his love of bringing people together through food and wine with customers and employees alike. From the moment Café de la Presse patrons walk in the door, his passion for the business brings them the same camaraderie café goers have experienced for centuries.


Café de la Presse Executive Chef Patrick Albert ‘s commitment to creating traditional but innovative French fare infuses this Parisian-inspired café with authenticity. “It is always busy,” he says proudly. “You can meet a lot of different people enjoying an espresso or a beef bourguignon, sipping a Ricard or having cassoulet.” As the man behind the menu, Chef Albert’s comments well support his culinary savoir faire . Following stints in brasseries throughout Paris , Chef Albert’s position as Chef de Cuisine at the consul of Savoie in Paris stimulated him to bring a touch of France to the United States . His subsequent move to San Francisco brought him together with Chef Bruno Chemel at the Milano Hotel and then with Chef Sylvain Portay at the Ritz-Carlton Dining Room. At Café de la Presse, Chef Albert continues to bring his guests a classic, creative dining experience.